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Organic and biodynamic farm products are used. Detox, elimination diet with intermittent fasting will also be practiced. There will be simplicity and moderation in diet. The diet is fully tailored to the patient’s needs and ought to support recovery.
Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. We believe in rehab centre


Guests are taught to practice transformational breathing on their own. They will also be shown how to hypnotize themselves for relaxation, stress management and achievement of personal goals. Our studies can be continued individually with participants by video call sessions after their retreats. Luxury rehab centreLuxury rehabilitation centre


This is an ancient form of massage. Shaman healers use it to heal the soul, mind, and body. It is very subtle but very relaxing and powerful. It encourages a healing response deep within your body’s system.


The retreat offers programs to help overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, ADDICTIONS and other mental health challenges. A treatment plan is created on a case-by-case basis and is said to be a retreat from high profile, “always on” lifestyles. Treatments might include: an assessment, naturopathic physician assessment and testing, psychotherapy, life coaching, meditation, nutritional advice, specialized counseling, daily workouts, massages, acupuncture and more. Our concierge service is available to cater to any needs, private jet service, chauffeured Escalades to pick you up at the airport, take you to appointments, shopping, dinner, or whatever you need.


We do meditative bodyworks in nature such as nature walks and hikes in silence. We practice silence to find inner silence, learn conscious eating, conscious speaking, broaden our breathing, use awareness, and practice NO complaining. We practice yoga somatic way and in non-duality; not for challenge of our body or mind (in comparison). We can offer tennis, golf, hiking, fishing, skiing, horseback riding, sailing, diving and all in a therapeutical way. Luxury rehab centre in Colorado


Every client service is customized for the individual, every time. Among the many therapy options the facility offers are: CBT/DBT Therapy with Licensed Therapist Specialist, Life | Professional Coaching with Certified Professional Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Training/MBCT with Licensed Therapist Specialist, Art/Expressive Therapy with Licensed Therapist Specialist, Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling with Licensed Therapist Specialist, and Trauma/EMDR Treatment with Licensed Therapist Specialist, psychedelic therapy (if person wants) and more alternative holistic treatments.


Guests enjoy ‘cleanse weeks’ with breathwork, master detox, herbal baths, mud wraps, all natural skin products for their personal needs, detoxifying massages, and meals specifically configured for their cleansing properties.
This experience teaches and transforms the whole person to a lifestyle and home of complete well being.


We have personal retreat places with luxury accommodations for one guest at a time in US, Europe and Mexico. We can fly you to us or we fly to you with our team to whichever location you want. All of them are comfortable, luxurious, serene, and immersed in nature. Whilst each guest’s experience would differ slightly dependent on their requirements, a typical day would include a mixture of treatments. It might begin with connecting with nature, grounding then emotional or psychological work, some bodywork, yoga-pilates or a mindfulness sessions. All meals are prepared by a personal chef. There’s no menu, and chefs can provide you with anything you fancy on the day.


Proper movement feels good, improves our mood and reduces stress. We integrate mind/body practices into our workouts by focusing on things like breath, balance, body scans and meditation techniques which leaves people feeling calmer and more centered. We prepare and teach lifestyle and support system for people after their sobreity. We also offer some traditional (indigenious) practices for addictions for some of our guests who need and are willing to try during their cleanse process.

Some people need and desire a program of more intensive therapy and most people have been living disconnected with nature and with their body. We accommodate both. When mental health and substance abuse treatment the reason people continually relapse is that many “rehabs” treat the symptoms of addiction and not the cause; unresolved trauma mostly in early age. We work with cause.


Whilst each guest’s experience would differ slightly dependent on their requirements, a typical day would include a mixture of treatments. It might begin with connecting with nature, grounding then emotional or psychological work, light yoga or pilates or a mindfulness session. All meals are prepared by a personal chef. There’s no menu, and chefs can provide you with harmony with your detox anything you fancy on the day. There’s also access to a doctor of naturopathic medicine and an acupuncturist, along with a massage therapist.

POST TREATMENT CARE Luxury rehab centre in Mexico

You will be in the circle of life support and coaching, and our goal is that you will be able to reach the therapist you have been working with and connect with them whenever you will need support.


Beautiful and comprehensive treatment resource to heal and recover from alcoholism or other substance use disorders.
Our world-class residential treatment center is: trusted, secure, accredited, highly private, and highly exclusive. We embrace indoor and outdoor therapies that provide our residents the experiences and opportunities, to reconnect with their body, mind, and spirit.


Stem cell therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy are advanced and innovative medical procedures which are available in our program. We include a tailor made bio-molecular and genetic nutrition plan, which involves a DNA test crucial to restoring the neurochemical and biochemical imbalances for lasting success. Programs include a DNA test for our bio-molecular treatments. Live cell therapies produce significant results when paired with supportive toxin cleansing therapies, and the biotechnology information therapies of quantum physics that we offer.


Sun effects, sun heals, sun renews, sun grows. Grounding and sun exposure is the most essential thing for healing and mental health gain back. Many luxury rehab centers in Zurich forget and ignore how nature heals and concentrate more on man made supplements which lead to failure and relapses. None of the solar glasses or D vitamins can replace real sun exposure. We prefer to do our treatments at the most sunny places on earth. Luxury rehab centre in California